The TCM-2800 is the most powerful and versatile transmission controller. Similar to all PCS controllers, the TCM-2800 features multiple calibrations (sport-mode, tow-haul mode, etc), programmable shift points, shift firmness, and torque converter lockup. Unique to the TCM-2800, PWM outputs are programmable either active high or low supporting a wide range of transmissions from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, and others. All 12 outputs also have current monitoring for precise, closed loop current control.

The extensive, programmable hardware available on the TCM-2800 makes it an excellent choice to perform body control functions. The TCM-2800 can be configured to read engine sensors and transmit the data on the CAN bus to other modules or dash displays. The outputs on the TCM-2800 can also be programmed for non-transmission control functions such as engine shutdown after a certain amount of time while idling to comply with idle regulations.

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A-TCM2800 - TCM-2800 Transmission Controller
TCM-2800 Transmission Controller
Part No. A-TCM2800

Suggested Retail: $937.86

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A-TCM4837 - GM 5L40/50 TCM-2800 Harness
GM 5L40/50 TCM-2800 Harness
Part No. A-TCM4837

Suggested Retail: $308.32

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A-TCM4028 - TCM-2800 Universal Unterminated Harness
TCM-2800 Universal Unterminated Harness
Part No. A-TCM4028

Suggested Retail: $261.58

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A-TCM4819 - Ford 5R110 (All Years) TCM-2800 Harness
Ford 5R110 (All Years) TCM-2800 Harness
Part No. A-TCM4819

Suggested Retail: $259.25

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A-TCM4815 - Ford AODE/4R70 1998+ TCM-2800 Harness
Ford AODE/4R70 1998+ TCM-2800 Harness
Part No. A-TCM4815

Suggested Retail: $230.36

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A-TCM4808 - Ford 4R100 (1998+) TCM-2800 Harness
Ford 4R100 (1998+) TCM-2800 Harness
Part No. A-TCM4808

Suggested Retail: $224.57

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A-TCM4856 - GM 4L60/65E (1993+), 4L70E (2006-2009) TCM-2800 Harness
GM 4L60/65E (1993+), 4L70E (2006-2009) TCM-2800 Harness
Part No. A-TCM4856

Suggested Retail: $209.00

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A-TCM4809 - FORD E40D (1992-1997) TCM-2800 Harness
FORD E40D (1992-1997) TCM-2800 Harness
Part No. A-TCM4809

Suggested Retail: $209.00

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A-TCM4800 - GM 4L80/85E (1993+) TCM-2800 Harness
GM 4L80/85E (1993+) TCM-2800 Harness
Part No. A-TCM4800

Suggested Retail: $209.00

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A-TCM4816 - Ford AODE 4R70 (1992-1997) TCM-2800 Harness
Ford AODE 4R70 (1992-1997) TCM-2800 Harness
Part No. A-TCM4816

Suggested Retail: $209.00

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